Numenera Game

Session #5: Curiosity Killed Adair's Ear (Telorses)

We attacked the giant Nope, but not before it touched Aderyn and she disappeared. We tried to stop it to get her back, but it turned into a ghosty thingie and went through a wall.

After it left, we checked the loot and found:

Loot: awesome sword (small short bladed weapon with controls on it – multi dimensional blade – when activated, inflicts damage in several dimensions at once, deals 5 damage, is one of the only things that can hurt a Nope, to use, roll a d20, if not a 1, can use for 1 minute, can use repeatedly until you roll a d20 and get a 1), a device (a handheld device with controls on it and a dish at the end – transdimensional ray projector, long range weapon that fires a beam on many levels of dimensions, is one of the few things that can hurt a Nope, and it does 3 damage, is a rapid fire weapon, light weapon, can fire until you roll a d20 and get a 1), and two cyphers: a small metallic disc (cypher: comprehension graft – tune to a specific language, then when applied to someone’s head, the person can understand a language that is important to the graft) and pair of boots (cypher: sound dampener, dampen all sounds in the immediate area, to allow for stealth actions).

Nope went through the wall at the back of the room, so after giving the comprehension graft to Romilda so that she can learn the mysterious language we’ve been seeing. Mikhail uses the rejuvenator cypher he has to restore Adair’s Might, then takes the boots. Mikhail also takes the ray gun, since he is a Jack and might have some rapid fire shit he can use with it.

Adair takes the sword and goes into the other room that the Nope went into, while Telorses and Mikhail stay in the room they were in with the ray gun. Romilda finds that she can read the words on the walls that say: “They knew many things but had no idea why. And strangely this made them more, rather than less, certain that they were right.”

The Nope touches the sword, draining it of all of it’s power, and healing itself. Mikhail and Telorses run in, and Mikhail shoots it with the gun, and angers it. We act defensively. The Nope attacks Mikhail, coming fully into this dimension, and Mikhail dodges it. We kill the Nope.

Telorses realizes that the riddle means that knowing the ‘why’ is more important than knowing the ‘how’.

After not knowing what to do next, the party decides to descend the stairs, hoping that they’ll find something to get Aderyn back. The party is really unobservant, and they all get attacked by the spinning wall of razor blades. The party stops to heal for a bit, then presses on. They find a door on the right side of the hallway. The room that they enter has walls of some kind of synth material and is covered with equations and numbers and stuff. In the room, there is a strange musical instrument, that looks kind of like someone turned a piano into a barrel.

The equations deal with music, and the musical instrument sounds kind of like the instrument in this video after about 1:10:

Mikhail goes up to it and presses the keys. There’s not much else in the room, so they leave.

The hallway branches into a ‘T’, and the party decides to go left. There are two rooms off of the corridor. The first one looks to be a crafter’s workshop. Inside is some more cyphers, a couple of oddities, a seashell (that has faint whispering), and 30 shins. The oddities are a ceramic ring that makes you feel like gentle hands are caressing your body, and a sphere that produces vigorous bubbles when placed in water. The cyphers are a Density nodule, a disrupting nodule (can be affixed to a melee weapon, every time it lands a hit, nanobots come out and attack organic matter. The defender takes 1 extra point of damage and lose their next turn), and a complex metal and glass device (we don’t identify it). Adair listens to the seashell and feels a searing pain, and Adair loses his ear. Adair takes the complex metal and glass device. Telorses picks up the disrupting nodule for now, and the oddities so that she can sell it. We split up the shins evenly.

We leave and go into the other room in the hallway. The door is made from the synth material. There is a framed blank space on the door. The frame is the same sort of material that is like a chalkboard covered in chalk, and we think we have to draw something with our finger to get in. Telorses figures out that a right triangle opens the door (due to Pythagorean theorem), and the pictures on the wall look like a flowchart with a few destinations. There are also a lot of maps in here, and Mikhail recognizes that one of the maps looks like the the steadfast (the 9 civilized countries on the continent), with 12 locations marked out. Romilda takes the bubble sphere. Mikhail takes the map with him.

We leave and go to the right side of the ‘T’, and there is one more door, and then there is a section of the floor marked off by a 10 × 10 grid. We go in the door. We find another room with less ornate paintings, and in the corner we find a glass plate that seems to show a live image of the moon but closer.

We leave and go to the grid. Beyond the grid, we can see that there is a corridor that goes for a bit, then turns to the left. We toss the seashell, and it lands in the middle, and the pressure plate glows with a ‘1’. We toss another rock, right to the left of the ‘1’, and the square explodes, thus proving that this is a 10×10 minesweeper game (probably). After figuring out a safe path, we decide to cross it safely.

We go down the corridor to the left. The next room is an important room, so we’ll see that next time!



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