A Tough Glaive who Rages



Pool: 13
Edge: 2


Pool: 13
Edge: 1


Pool: 8
Edge: 0

Effort: 1
Fighting Moves: No Need for Weapons (Unarmed attacks count as a medium weapon); Trained Without Armor
Skills: Might Defense (T); Balancing (T); Speed Defense when not wearing armor (T)
Practiced with Armor: Reduce Might cost per hour and Speed pool reduction for wearing armor by 2
Practiced with Weapons: Can use any weapon
Resilient: +1 to armor
Healthy: +1 to recovery rolls
Frenzy (1 Intellect): When you wish, while in combat, you may enter a state of frenzy. +1 to both Might and Speed Edges. This effect ends if there’s no combat within range of your senses.


Set of Brass Knuckles (Light Weapon)
Hand Axe (Medium Weapon)
Shield (+1 to armor against melee attacks when using it)
Light black Leather Armor (1 Armor)
explorer’s pack

Money: 36.5 shins
Cyphers: Blinking Nodule, Density Nodule
Oddities: A circular stone plate with a human face that occasionally changes expression or appears to speak but has no voice


Background: Inborn Traits
Suggested Background Hint: Your blacksmith friend sometimes call on you to help him at the forge. However, he pays you well.
Kingdom of Origin: Iscobal
Initial Connection to Adventure: There is reward involved and you need the money
Connection to PCs: Feels protective towards Romilda and does not want to see her harmed. Is mysteriously unaffected by Romilda’s flames (kind of like a rapidash :D).

Further Background:
Growing up in Iscobal is tough, no matter how freakishly huge you are. Telorses was born in the outskirts of Iscobal, and was taught basic combat skills from her father. Out of her many siblings, Telorses is the largest of the girls, and she took the most handily to fighting. Therefore, when she was very young, she was the most fit to live life on her own, and her parents kicked her out when she was 15 years old.

She found work at a nearby blacksmiths, where she learned how to make and use weapons (and hit things really hard with a hammer :D). He paid her well enough, and she found love with a local man (profession unknown). Together they had a son, Tonn, and two daughters, Selam, and Ru. She taught them to fight as best she could, but Telorses knew she needed to save her kids from this life. Doing this would be difficult being tied to this small town.

Thanks to the plot inconvenience fairy, she woke up one day to find that her lover had abandoned them without a word. Now they were alone in a dangerous world. A traveling saleswoman offered to pay Telorses to act as her bodyguard on a trip to the next city. She agreed, taking her children, now 18, 16, and 15 with her for the ride. She bid the blacksmith farewell, and he promised her a job should she ever want one.

Late in the night, the caravan was raided. Torn between protecting her boss and her children, she wound up protecting neither. She turned around to protect someone else, and returned to find her wards dead. Something came over her, and all she could see was red. When her memories returned, only she and Selam had survived the raid. Selam looked at her mother in awe; she described the deadly warrior her mother had become in her blind rage. Scared and grieving, they held each other and Telorses vowed to never let anything happen to Selam.

Leaving everything behind but the most valuable cargo, they reached a nearby town using extreme caution. Once there, Selam put her persuasiveness to use to sell the merchandise and purchase a ticket out of this life… for one. Knowing her daughter’s safety mattered more than her own, Telorses sent her daughter to Navarene to serve as an apprentice at a local herb and magical ingredients shop.

Telorses then headed for the capital of Draolis where she’d heard there’d be work. On her way there, a mysterious traveller gave her a parcel, stating, “you know who this is from.” Inside was a stone plate with a face on it that occasionally changes expressions and seems to talk without a voice. Despite the fact that this is simply a useless and weird plate, Telorses believes that it is a gift from her daughter, sent so that she can see how her daughter is doing a la magic mirror from beauty and the beast.

At the age of 39, Telorses is worried that she may be slowing down. As she comes to Draolis, she has been told that the job she is taking will line her pockets with sufficient gold to reach her daughter. She’s always been skeptical of seemingly easy jobs with high payloads, but she’s on a quest to earn her freedom, and she’s willing to do anything to get back to her daughter.


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