Numenera Game

Session 4: The mysterious Sanehar (Aderyn)

We get to Sanehar and meet one of the older head priestess’: Meryn who is this older, nun-like woman in green- gold robes. She tells us that there has been another explorer to visit Sanehar recently: Donellen from Navarene.

From talking to Gavir, one of the junior priests, we learn that the twins were definitely planning a trip here and that they were interested in a particular type of numenera dealing with memories. More specifically, a pool or storage of memories which could create a sort of shared experience.

At this point, Mikhail pulls the group aside and pulls out a small metal nodule attached to a cord. He found this oddity in the woods and thought, “obviously a necklace.” He put it on and felt constricted, tied to a throne, floating in an endless void with the only light as millions of stars. (Out of Character: he experienced a memory of piloting a starship). He believes that it is connected to dreams and something of times long past.

Next we go to talk to Janess (Master Chief) as the expert in the language and learn that Sanehar was originally called the Concent of Saunt Edhar. Saunt Edhar as a mathematician (the concent was dedicated to science and math). We also hear the legend of Cnous, the stone mason. The legend has two version because he had two daughters, Deat – a glimpse into a perfect world/heaven and Hylaea- saw a world of geometry and perfection.

Romilda finds that Donollen was interested in a book of names of explorers from about 40 years. We find in the registry a person who is formerly from the Council of Knowing Paths who visited about 39 years ago (i.e. after the rebellion and dethroning). They went up the mountain to explore, Donollen went up the mountain to explore, so we decide to as well.

Once inside: we save an etching of the language through a charcoal etching. We enter, it is a dimly lit path. We have Mikhail try to determine what path Donellen may have taken. He NAILS it and we go right. There is an entrance hall with statues…Mikhail pushed a button and caused a partial cave in above the statue.

In another room we see a geometric thing on the wall. Romilda recognizes it as a proof the Pythagorean Theorem. Also find an odd numenera of blue sand. A revolving hallway/door nearly kills half of us Scooby Doo style. Another room has writing all over the walls and a ggghhhooooosssttt. I make him corporeal, take an etching of the wall, and then see a sword and approach it. Next time we will have to roll for initiative….



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