Numenera Game

Session #5b: Aderyn Meets a Goddess (Aderyn)

After being touched by the Nope, Aderyn finds herself in a corridor with a florescent glowing green floor. No problem. As she walks down the corridor, every room she passes contains numbers, glyphs, and sigils glowing in the air, sometimes flickering and changing.

In the room at the end of the corridor is a woman clothed in a flowing white dress lounging on a chaise. The woman introduces herself as Anevene the Prophetess. After some back and forth conversation in which Aderyn manages not to embarass herself too badly, they establish that Aderyn is lost, doesn’t know what the Nope is or how she got here, but that the fraas and suurs of Saunt Edhar did not have the technology to send her here.

In exchange for returning her, Anevene gives Aderyn a task: near Stirthal, in the next place she would have gone anyway (which remains unnamed), is a room with a useless device: a keyboard connected by wire to a leather bound book where the wires snake into the book to make up the cords for the binding.

Aderyn also receives a series of visions: A pool of slightly glowing blue algae with Mikhail or Romilda stepping into it, the group staring into a chasm so deep that it ends in darkness, Mikhail or Aderyn walking up to an enormous golden sphere reaching out to touch it, and finally her finding the keyboard with the book.

After some more conversation, Anevene bequeaths the Inquisitive descriptor. This gives her +2 to her speed pool, training on all tasks related to numenera computers and electronics, training in decryption, and the ability to read a small amount of writing found through decryption, regardless of the language it is written in. She also gains an inability: she may no longer spend experience to refuse a DM intrusion in which her curiosity got her into trouble.

After 2 and a half hours, she pops back into the room at Sanehar but the rest of the party is missing. She follows their trail through the various rooms, manages to spot and miss the razor blade trap, and eventually comes across them just as they are about to enter a room on the second level of Sanehar.



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