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The Steadfast consists of 9 different kingdoms. Collectively, the rulers are called The Nine Rival Kings or just The Nine. They share no love for one another and have no relationship except that each rules over a land whose people owe faith and favor to the Amber Papacy. The Steadfast is generally more civilized than the Beyond, but it can still be dangerous. Communities are isolated and travel is risky and unthinkable at night.
The Sea Kingdom of Ghan
The Pytharon Empire


In the Steadfast and the Beyond, it grows colder as you travel south. The southernmost lands of the Steadfast (Pytharon Empire, Milave, and Ancuan) have cool summers and harsh winters. The central and northern portions have warmer summers, but even the southern edge of the Cloud Crystal Skyfields to the north see snow and frost in the winter. To the east, the mountains of the Black Riage have long, oppressive winters. Overall, the climate is dry. Rain is uncommon and accompanies terrible storms with dangerous winds, hail, lightning, and occasionally black rain that kills crops.

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