Mystical Nano who Bears a Halo of Fire



Pool: 12
Edge: 0


Pool: 11
Edge: 0


Pool: 17
Edge: 1

Effort: 1
Esoteries: Ward (+1 armor); Onslaught (1 Intellect, Attack a foe with physical (4 damage) or mental (2 damage, ignores armor) energies); Hedge Magic (1 Intellect, perform small tricks that do not harm creatures or objects)
Sense Magic: Study an object or location for 1 minute to see if numenera active
Shroud of Flame (1 Intellect): Your entire body becomes shrouded in flames for up to 10 minutes. 2 damage to anyone who touches or melee attacks you. +2 armor against fire damage from other sources.
Practiced with Light Weapons
Skills: Identifying Numenera (S)
Inability: +1 difficulty step for all tasks involving charm, persuasion, or deception


Book about numenera
Explorer’s pack

Money: 50 shins
Cyphers: Infernal Wall Projector (level 8), Magnetic Master, Stim
Oddities: Single rubber glove that is extremely durable and resistant, glove with three large fingers that puts out any fire you touch with it
Artifact: Device that sprays all your items to be fire resistant


Background: Forbidden Knowledge
Suggested Background Hint: You served as an apprentice for a nano-sorcerer feared and respected by many people. Now you bear his mark.
Kingdom of Origin: Draolis
Initial Connection to Adventure: A dream guided you to this point.
Connection to PCs: Telorses is not affected by her fire.

Further Background: Since Draolis is a military powerhouse, children who show great potential are placed within special schools based on their aptitude. Romilda was found to havea strong inclination towards numenera and as such she was placed in the tutorage of Armelion. Under his training she gained a deeper understanding of numenera. although she possess perfect etiquette, she lacks the ability to charm, persuade, or deceive others easily. She was drawn to the party after having a cryptic dream in which she interprets as a way to bring glory to Draolis.


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