Aderyn D' Volski

Intelligent Nano who Works Miracles



Pool: 9
Edge: 0


Pool: 10
Edge: 0


Pool: 17
Edge: 2

Effort: 1
Practiced with Light Weapons
Esoteries: Ward (+1 to armor); Scan (2 Intellect, scan a 10ft cube to reveal creatures’ levels & info about matter & energy)
Healing Touch (1 Intellect): With a touch, restore 1d6 points to one stat pool of a creature. Difficulty 2 Intellect task. Each attempt increases difficulty by one step. Difficulty returns to 2 after target rests for 10 hours.
Skills: Identifying Numenera (T); Remembering or Memorizing experiences (T); Agriculture


Razor Ring
Book about the Numenera
Explorer’s pack

Money: 4 shins
Cyphers: Catholicon (level 5), sonic detonation (level 5, thrown, short range), visual displacement device
Oddities: wristband that buzzes in complete darkness, fur pouch with 5 pieces of candy which replenish every evening, and a synth mat which is warm in the evenings and cooler during the day.


Background: Psionics
Suggested Background Hint: You worked in the palace gardens of an influential noble. She wouldn’t remember you, but you made friends with her youngest daughter.
Kingdom of Origin: Thaemor
Initial Connection to Adventure: You believed that the task might lead to important and interesting discoveries. Also, you saw some value in the other PCs.
Connection to PCs: Does not know that Adair thinks that she is a messiah or supernatural being because she can use his ice armor to her benefit.

Further Background:

Aderyn is very keen to try new things, learn, and adventure- apparently people of Thaemor tend to go a little crazy for one reason or another. She asks questions – a lot, and that might not really do well in a land with a ruler whose convinced that his own hand is speaking the word of God to him. Also, she’s not so convinced that summoning a shadow horde will solve our problems (for reasons discussed below).

Aderyn was born in Tym, a self- efficient farming village just south of Jyrek. When she was four, the village priest, Father Fionn, took her in as his ward after her parents went on a trading mission but never came back. He was elderly and practically blind, but would constantly tell her stories about other countries, knights errant, the miracles of God, and the goodness of people. Every night she got to look out her window and see the faint outline of the floating egg over the city and dreamed of wondrous machines and times long past.

Around the time that Aderyn reached the age of 18, the village healer, Sumati, was getting older and started claiming to have seen something that no one else had. She raved to everyone that Aderyn had the eyes and insisted that Aderyn be her apprentice. While not particularly against the idea, she had no plans to stay and be the village healer, wanting to go and explore everything from Father Fionn’s stories. Then one day she came home to find out that Father Fionn had fallen and broken his hip. Unable to help ease his pain, she went to Sumati. Sumati promptly agreed to heal the Father on the condition that Aderyn come on as her apprentice. Aderyn, wanting to help her father and make sure that she would never be unable to help again, agreed to the terms.

Sumati was odd, but not unkind. She taught Aderyn the basics of the craft and after 5 years gave Aderyn her own book about the Numenera. Not long afterwards, suspicion was cast upon Sumati and she was tried for crimes against the village and God. Aderyn went to the trial, thinking to speak in Sumati’s defense. At the trial she instead discovered Sumati’s duplicity. It turned out that for years Sumati had been experimenting with dark magic, and many of her diary entries talked about shadows, dark prophecies, and sacrifices.

Without Sumati, the village desperately needed a healer that they could trust. Feeling particularly loyal and concerned for Father Fionn’s health, Aderyn took over the practice. Ultimately, she thoroughly enjoyed healing and worked as best she could to reverse the damage done by her evil master. Knowing most of the villagers had little money, she often practiced in exchange for food or chores. As a gift, of sorts, for her work and kindness she was granted the surname D’ Volski, literally meaning “of gold,” by the village folk. As a joke, Father Fionn would call her Goldilocks and ask over breakfast if her porridge and bed were just right. In response, she would call him Papa Bear.

About one year after the trial, Lord Thane’s daughter, Esti, came by wanting a remedy for a nasty, debilitating cold. She came to Aderyn, remembering her from when she helped to set her father’s gardens straight so that their typical gardener could spend time with his new baby. Esti was kind, despite being a little spoiled, and in return for curing her gave Aderyn a rather unique wristband so that “even in the dark people can find you, silly.” Afterwards, Esti often came by to look over the book of Numenera in order to learn some more about healing and magic herself.

Half a year later, Father Fionn fell asleep and did not wake up. Aderyn was both devastated and relieved, for he had died without pain and in a place that he loved. In his will, he left Aderyn his house and the gift of freedom. He had made sure that his successor, Eirik, was also skilled in healing, so that his ward could finally have all the adventures she had wanted. Aderyn was thankful, but found herself suddenly having cold feet at the prospect of leaving the safety of all that she knew. So for the next few months, Aderyn stayed in mourning and in Tym.

One day, Esti came by with a frantic, dramatic warning that one of her spurned suitors had started casting dire rumors about her family and friends in an act of spite. Most of the rumors were ignored, because they were rich or powerful enough to have them be so, but Aderyn’s comparatively lower status in combination with her mentor’s traitorous actions had made her an actual target. Esti’s “infallible plan” was for Aderyn to make her own name in order to shut them all up and restore her reputation. Aderyn knows she made it all up, using the “danger” as an excuse to give Aderyn the push she needed to actually face her fears and experience more than the town.

She gave Aderyn some money to get out of the country in order to explore, and made Aderyn promise to use it all as an opportunity to have fun, “flirt for God’s sake,” adventure, learn, and then come back. She promised to watch over Father Eirik and help him if the village really needed. As her parting gift, she gave Aderyn a razor ring taken from her father’s vast armory because “he won’t miss it and I’ll just say I lost it if he does.” In return, she argued that Aderyn can repay her back with fabulous tales until they both “get so old our ears fall off.”

Aderyn D' Volski

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