Adair Moorenki

Graceful Glaive who Wears a Sheen of Ice



Pool: 12
Edge: 1


Pool: 15
Edge: 1


Pool: 9
Edge: 0

Fighting Moves: No Need for Weapons (Unarmed attacks count as medium weapon); Thrust: (1 Might, Inflict 1 extra damage if melee weapon has a sharp point)
Practiced in Armor: Reduce Might cost per hour and Speed pool reduction for wearing armor by 2
Practiced with Weapons: Can use any weapon
Ice Armor (1 Intellect): +1 to armor for 10 minutes, while active suffer no discomfort from cold and +2 to armor vs cold damage specifically
Skills: Balancing (S),; Physical Performing Arts (T); Speed Defense (T)


Strongglass sword (Medium Weapon)
one weapons +1 light weapon
light or medium armor
explorer’s pack

Money: 3 shins
Cyphers: Invisibility Nodule, Shock Nodule
Oddities: Pen that writes in invisible ink that only appears at very low temperatures


Background: Intensive Training
Suggested Background Hint: Your mentor wrote the book on martial arts. Sometimes other warriors seek you out to ask about its stranger passages.
Kingdom of Origin: Malevich
Initial Connection to Adventure: Against your better judgement, you joined the other PCs because you saw that they were in danger
Connection to PCs: Aderyn gains the benefits of his ice armor when in close proximity to him. Gave Mikhail his bow.

Further Background:

-Born in the village of Vireban to Fransi and Lulia Moorenki.

-One brother four years younger than himself (Julian) and one sister seven years younger (Aelea).

-Vireban consisted of a dozen poor families banded together in town built of mud, thatch, and wood (walls for defense, animal husbandry, hunter-gatherer, minimal farming). Village located on the edge of a fertile plain and a dark forest. Mountain’s in distance.

-Attack by dark-wolves from forest during the evenings and twilight was a common thing (wolf-like black creatures, but wearing the faces of those that had been taken away by them in previous night raids). Everyone taught basic weaponry training and familial/village loyalty beyond all else.

-Shortly after Adair turned ten a pale man of blonde hair, fair skin, and wearing various shades of blue (with a sword at his hilt) showed up to the village seeking out possible candidates for recruits to his order.

-Adair and his brother both prime candidates, but Adair is the one picked. The village Patriarch agrees to let child go in understanding that he will be trained a valuable martial skill that he may one day bring back to the village. A small bribe of gold may also have occurred.

-Family did not want Adair to go, but decided in the end to go with the wishes of the Patriarch. Also understood that Adair would never get another opportunity like this.

-Leaves village with stranger by packdour (beast of burden) and travels several weeks into the mountains to an ascetic warrior temple.

-Is one of many recruits. Several masters, including current temple-master, seeking pupils. Pupils decided by luck of draw in order to eliminate possible candidate bias. Adair is pulled by the Temple-Master by sheer dumb luck.

-Good luck goes sour. Adair has difficulty during first year of training. Lags behind neonates of the other masters. Less actual training by temple-master and more seemingly useless tasks assigned.

-The next year fairs far better. A change in regime sees Adair’s skills improve exponentially. Bringing him eventually to even out with his peers.

-Combat doctrine one of fluid motion, intuition, and mental acuity. While hardy from the village it takes Adair some time to adjust to the poise and grace required by the particular arts being studied.

-Temple a multistory structure that extends up the mountainside. Each level represents one level of skill. It takes Adair a total of nine years to climb six Steps (a step being a single story raise).

-Tenth step requires two more years to accomplish.

-At culmination of tenth step is taken into the Martyr’s Cave. Drinks from a fountain of frost, then takes up Stronglass sword. Graces the sword with a name by spilling the blood of his palm against it, then passes out.

-Fountain-water full of nanites that bond with his cellular structure at the molecular level. Cut by the sword introduces catalyst that triggers them to begin making changes to him. He passes out.

-When awakened he hobbles his way out of the cave and to the tenth level. Is told he has acquired the “spirit” of the martyr. Wears a Sheen of Ice attained. Even to this day Adair believes that his ability is a supernatural one.

-At age twenty two Adair has been trained to the point of ascending to the eleventh Step, but has reached a point where he must leave the temple and go out to the world first. He is told simply that “you must prove now to yourself that you are worthy of the Spirit of the Martyr. Give yourself in service to others, advance your skills in your own unique ways, then return when you are prepared to make the greatest sacrifice of all. That of the ascension of Adept to Master.”

-Adair returns to his village, but finds it disbanded. Only walls and some structural elements remain. A member of a nearby village tells him that his family moved to a nearby city.

-Adair makes his way towards this city in the hopes of finding his lost family as well as looking to find out how to give himself in service to others. He is worried though. A Martyr dies for a cause. Is that what he must do? Or is their something deeper he has yet to understand? He suspects it is the latter.

Adair Moorenki

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